Our Specialized Treatments


Your initial assessment with our Chiropractor includes a full body diagnostic, as well as an adjustment and soft tissue release work. If you are not comfortable with an adjustment just yet, you can receive soft tissue release on its own. Our qualified practitioner is able to do all physiotherapy treatment modalities. He is also well versed in the treatment of sports related injuries, and has a background in personal training.


Our Physiotherapists are qualified health care profession who assist in restoring, maintain and maximize the strength, function, movement, and overall well-being of our clients. They have in-depth knowledge of how the body works and specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat ​symptoms of illness, injury and disability.


Our Acupuncturists are comprised of Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) and Certified Acupuncture Therapists. As a result of their specialized knowledge, you can choose to have a treatment that is a combination of both acupuncture and massage. Acupuncture needles are placed in trigger points of the body to relieve the knots that were formed from injury or repeated use of that body part. Once the needles are removed the area will be massaged to remove the toxins. Acupuncture can treat many ailments. Call us and book your complimentary consultation today!


Our staff of Registered Massage Therapists (R.M.T.), are all members of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and are regulated under the Ontario Health Professional Act. Each R.M.T. has completed a diploma program from a recognized massage therapy school and participates in a Quality Assurance Program that assists in maintaining high professional standards and quality care of their clients. Massage Therapy enhances therapeutic outcomes by acting directly upon the muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems to aid in rehabilitating physical injuries and various other conditions. This massage assists in maintaining muscle tone and flexibility and can interrupt potentially harmful repetitive strain patterns. The difference between a CARRINGTON MEDICAL CLINIC massage and a spa massage is that our massage therapists are registered and qualified to do both relaxation and injury rehabilitation massages. ​


·  Therapeutic Massage 
·  Relaxation Massage
·  Pre and Post Event Sports Massage 
·  Deep Tissue Massage
·  Hot Stone Massage (Therapeutic)
·  Prenatal and Post-partum Massage
·  Acute and Chronic Rehabilitation Massage